The Grasshopper Mexican Restaurant and Bar offers authentic Tex-Mex fare, made to order. Our reputation has been solidified in our secret recipes, which have been handed down through our family across generations. Every item on the menu is made with quality ingredients and produced in small batches. Our Mexican food stays true to the flavors of grandma’s kitchen, cooked in small batches for higher quality.


Queso and guacamole are, of course, crowd favorites, and at our restaurant, you can experience both together with our El Chaputizer. Homemade jalapeno poppers, jalapeno cheese fries, and pico de gallo round out the starter menu. Whether you want to share them as an appetizer or eat them as a meal, we also have a variety of nachos with cheese, beans, and meat. Be warned: You have to pace yourself so you can enjoy some of the amazing entrees we have to offer!


We are known for our wet burrito, and, we agree, it is amazing! How can you beat a flour tortilla stuffed with beans, cheese, rice, and your choice of meat smothered in sauce and covered in cheese? Is your mouth watering yet?

We use a top-secret chili powder recipe that gives each of our entree choices a bold kick of flavor. Vegetarian and low-calorie options are also available, rounding out our menu and making amazing Mexican food accessible to all!


We are always ready to celebrate at The Grasshopper Mexican Restaurant and Bar, and we have the specials to prove it! Each weekday features a lunch and dinner special. These choices are a great way to explore the wide variety of menu options we have available.

Come visit our Sarasota, FL location today. We’re taking Mexican food up a notch, whether you’re meeting coworkers for happy hour or taking the whole family out for a treat.